Spring 2018



     One of the most treasured regions in Europe, Tuscany is known for its rolling hills, beautiful villas, splendid vineyards, and distinctive cuisine. This celebrated area of northern Italy is host to spectacular sights unlike any other in the world.

     There is the city of Florence, where one marvels for days on end at gorgeous cultural masterpieces and landmarks; the city of Siena, most likely the loveliest Medieval city and known for its famous Piazza del Compo; and the famous Chianti territory, a unique landscape with green, gentle hills covered with wide fields of vineyards and olive groves, small stone villages, characteristic parishes and countryside homes in stone.

     A visit to Tuscany leaves you feeling both invigorated and serene. Explore and admire this glorious land and its people, art, history and culture.

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Discover a treasured region of the world as you explore the history and culture, beauty and art, and epicurean delights that await you.


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